What are small sites?

What are Small Sites?

For the purposes of the SPD, small sites are defined as those of up to 0.25 hectares. Developments on these sites may include roof/rear extensions to existing buildings and new build developments. The guidance contained in the SPD applies to both extensions to existing dwellings as well as the creation of new dwellings. Developments may be as small as one residential unit and there is no defined upper limit - although it is expected that in most small sites this will be up to around 40 units.

Here are some built examples of small-scale housing developments across Tower Hamlets:

Photo of 2-3 storey timber shingle infill development.Estate Infill (Beveridge Mews - Peter Barber Architects, Photo
by Morley von Sternberg)

Photo of low-rise brick along canal.Corner Infill (Old Ford Road – pH+ London, Photo by Tim Soar)

Street Infill (Redchurch - 31/44 Architects, Photo by Rory Gardiner)

Photo of brick base building with 2-storey roof extension in timber and slate Roof extension (Reardon Path – Proctor Matthews, Photo by Ivan Jones

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