What is the status of this document?

    This is a draft strategy which has been prepared by staff at Tower Hamlets council.  We are seeking feedback through this public consultation and welcome views and contributions from residents, young people and organisations with an interest in keeping children and young people safe from violence and exploitation. After the consultation, we will amend the strategy to reflect the feedback we have received. We expect the strategy to be reviewed and adopted by Tower Hamlets Cabinet in late 2020.

    How was the document developed?

    The document has been developed following the Tower Hamlets Violent Crime Summit in 2018. The priorities in the strategy are based on lessons from Tower Hamlets and elsewhere and insights from child safeguarding, exploitation and community safety professionals and others who work closely with young people.

    What will happen during this consultation?

    All young people, residents and local organisations are encouraged to respond to the consultation and share their suggestions. We will also be working directly with young people to understand their views, including young people who have been affected by serious violence and exploitation.

    What will happen following consultation?

    Following the consultation, all comments and information received will be carefully analysed and a feedback report will be published. The report will summarise the comments made, and set out how they have been taken into account in the final strategy

    The final strategy, incorporating any necessary changes will be presented with the feedback report and other supporting information to Cabinet for adoption in late 2020.

    Focusing on young people’s views and experiences is identified as a priority in the strategy. Young people will be closely involved throughout the implementation of the strategy, including in the development of action plans.