Why are you consulting?

    The London Borough of Tower Hamlets has a legal responsibility to consult with tenants who will be affected by the proposed changes and to ask for their views.

    Why is the Council changing some of the tenancy conditions?

    All councils review their tenancy conditions from time-to-time. LBTH last reviewed the conditions some time ago [1999] and needs to bring it up to date to meet current legislative requirements, and to reflect best practice. 

    What are the changes being proposed?

    The reasons for proposing the changes include:

    1. To update some of the wording we use in the current tenancy agreement.
    2. We propose to extend the automatic right to succeed to a home to family members for all tenancies. To do this we need to remove the second succession policy. This only applies to tenants whose tenancy began before 1st April 2012.
    3. The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 gave the council more powers to evict tenants for serious anti-social behaviour. We need to make sure the agreement reflects up-to-date policy and practices.

    We want to make sure that the agreement is clear for tenants to understand:

    • Their rights
    • Their responsibilities
    • Our rights and responsibilities
    • What causes a breach of tenancy conditions
    • Key issues such as fire safety, pets, garden and tree management, tenancy fraud and confirming the identity of tenants

    (The changes are outlined in ‘List of proposed variations’/ Preliminary Notice of Variation letter sent to all tenants).

    When is the consultation taking place, and how long does it run for?

    It runs for 6 weeks from Monday 6th September to Sunday 17th October 2021. 

    Will these proposed tenancy conditions apply to all tenants, including existing tenants?

    Yes, the proposed changes will apply to all council introductory and secure tenants.

    What about leaseholders?

    Leaseholders are bound by the conditions of their lease rather than the tenancy agreement. 

    What if I require the consultation materials or questionnaire in another format?

    If you or someone you know requires the consultation materials or questionnaire in another format or language, you can contact LBTH via email/post. 

    Details are set out below:

    Email: tenagcomments@towerhamlets.gov.uk

    Post:    Tenagcomments

    C/o Strategy & Policy (Housing)
    6th floor Mulberry Place
    5 Clove Crescent
    E14 2BG

    Will these changes affect my security of tenancy?

    No, the proposed changes will not affect the security of tenants’ tenancies.

    Will these changes affect my rent?

    The changes to the Tenancy Agreement will not affect the amount of rent tenants pay.

    Does this mean my tenancy has ended or will end?

    No. Your tenancy start date will remain the same. The tenancy will not end and will continue with new conditions.

    Will I still have the Right to Buy?

    Yes – existing secure tenants (life-time tenants who have completed their Introductory Tenancy) will retain their Right to Buy.

    How will you let tenants know the results of the consultation and how our opinion influenced the decision?

    Once the consultation has been completed, all responses and feedback will be collated in a report. Council Cabinet members will review the report and decide if they agree with the varied tenancy agreement. Once this happens, we will write to all tenants to confirm the variation to their tenancy agreement and the date it becomes effective, giving at least 4 weeks’ notice of the date it becomes effective.

    When will these changes take effect?

    Any changes agreed are likely to take effect around March/April 2022. The exact date will made clear in the letter giving tenants the Notice of Variation.

    Specifically on the proposed changes to succession, at what point in the process would the policy change?

    Any applications for succession up to the implementation date of any new conditions should be considered and decisions made according to the current conditions. Any cases still outstanding (i.e. decision not made) at the date of change should be decided in accordance with the new conditions.

    Will I have to sign another tenancy agreement?

    No, no new signature is required.

    Will I get a copy of the new tenancy agreement?

    Yes, once the proposed changes have been agreed, all tenants will get a copy of the new tenancy agreement.