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02 Nov 2020

As part of this exhibition, we want to hear your thoughts on the masterplan.

Masterplan site context

The masterplan site occupies a unique location bordering Canary Wharf and South Poplar. Canary Wharf is an international centre of business and finance although in recent years there has been increasing diversification with new housing, leisure, and community facilities. South Poplar by contrast is a vibrant, predominantly residential neighbourhood with a strong, multicultural community.

Against the contrasting environments of South Poplar and Canary Wharf is the need to deliver new quality housing, jobs and supporting services.

The drawing below shows a high-level strategy of where these new uses could be located across the masterplan site.
Indicative use strategy

Indicative use strategy

Masterplan mix and uses strategy

The site and immediate context continue to experience unprecedented growth and development pressures. This masterplan will help manage growth sustainably, secure benefits for the wider community, and ensure supporting infrastructure is delivered alongside new housing. New uses must also compliment the characters of both South Poplar and Canary Wharf and create a transition in scale between the iconic skyline of Canary Wharf and the low-rise, historic Poplar High Street.

South of Aspen Way, development should contribute to the emerging metropolitan centre of Canary Wharf. New uses and facilities should contribute to a vibrant mix of housing, employment, retail and leisure. Different types of workspace should also be provided including modern offices, studio spaces, incubating emerging business, and industrial workspace, with a minimum 10% affordable workspace (in accordance with Tower Hamlet's Local Plan.

The area north of Aspen Way is a vibrant, residential community and a suitable location for family housing, social infrastructure and low to mid-rise new mixed-use development.Precedent imagesPrecedent images

New residential development will bring increased population that must be supported by additional services. A new education facility has been identified as part of the redevelopment of the Billingsgate Market site within the Council's Local Plan. The masterplan will help work out what further community services are required to serve an increased population. Community uses should be located to strengthen the existing cluster on Poplar High Street which is easily accessible by public transport.

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