Green and open spaces

02 Nov 2020

As part of this exhibition, we want to hear your thoughts on the masterplan.

Current open and green spaces

To the north, Poplar Park and Bartlett Park are well-used, important public recreation spaces enjoyed by residents, visitors, and students. Canary Wharf to the south has several attractive landscaped squares and green spaces including the proximate Cabot Square and Canada Square Park. However, the site area itself currently has very limited open space and access to nature. The water space and historic docks are one of the site’s greatest assets. However, public access is discontinuous. Additionally, physical barriers and poor connectivity between South Poplar and Canary Wharf decreases accessibility to the existing nearby quality public spaces.

Open and green space strategy

The masterplan green and open space strategy is to create a series of new public spaces and landscaped routes which connect to the wider network of green spaces. A new green north-south spine bridges Aspen Way and connects South Poplar with Canary Wharf. A new east-west dockside promenade links the popular West India Quay across to Trafalgar Way, Poplar Dock Marina and eventually to the Wood Wharf Development. The continuous, attractive waterfront space should be sufficiently generous to accommodate public and café seating, a promenade and maximise access to the water’s edge.
Proposed green and open spacesProposed green and open spaces

Precedent imagesPrecedent images

New public spaces along the north-south and east-west routes will have a variety of characters ranging from the dockside promenade to a planted, landscaped bridge over Aspen Way. Smaller squares and pockets parks provide local places for physical activity, socialising, sitting, and dwelling and allow for different activities throughout the day and evening. The placement of these new public spaces in relation to new buildings must be carefully considered to optimise daylight and reduce the impacts of noise and air pollution from Aspen Way.

Precedent imagesPrecedent images

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