Engagement so far

03 Nov 2020

The early stages of engagement for the South Poplar Masterplan project has been led by Soundings. In light of Covid-19, and to ensure that we were reaching out to people in a safe and secure way, all engagement took place digitally. Prior to any outreach, Soundings undertook a stage of research to identify key stakeholders to reach out to.

The engagement process is made up of four stages:

  1. Digital stakeholder meetings – August 2020
  2. Digital Survey – September 2020
  3. Digital Exhibition – November 2020
  4. Statement of Community Involvement Report – December 2020

After this engagement, the masterplan is expected to be delivered in May 2021 and will be integrated in a local plan SPD. A statutory public consultation will take place before this and will allow further submissions to be considered from the community and interested parties.

As part of this exhibition, we want to hear your thoughts on the masterplan.

Engagement summary

The results of the early engagement stages have provided a rich source of primary data for the project team to consider and incorporate into the South Poplar Masterplan. Below is a summary of the key engagement undertaken and the themes that have been identified as part of the initial analysis of the survey findings.

Engagement summary

How we engaged: 835 surveys completed, 4359 digital votes, 595 free comments, 12 stakeholder meetings

Who we engaged: 79% local residents, 6% local workers, 2% students and 12% visitors. Please note that those statistics have been gathered from the survey responses only.

Key themes

Through the online poll and stakeholder sessions, the following themes were identified and analysed. These themes have formed the basis of the draft masterplan principles that are being presented through this further online engagement.

Identified engagement themes

Stakeholder mapping

One of the first steps of the engagement process was to carry out a detailed stakeholder mapping exercise, creating a database of all relevant contacts, organisations and groups who are located within and around the South Poplar area and those who may want to be involved in the engagement process.

Within this exercise, we identified various groups and categories for stakeholders. This has enabled us to ensure that we speak with a rich cross-section of the community and that we hear a variety of voices and opinions.

This exercise of identifying stakeholders is an ongoing process and evolves as we speak to and engage with more people throughout the engagement programme.

Stakeholder mapping image showcasing identified stakeholders across Poplar and the Isle of Dogs

Have your say

To provide feedback on the masterplan, you can head to our interactive map, complete a survey or leave an idea on our suggestion board.

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