What about emergency vehicles?

    We work closely with emergency services and they will continue to have access to all properties in the area.

    What is a continuous pavement?

    Continuous pavements or blended crossings are side-road entry treatments where the pavement surface is continued across the side road entrance on a raised platform at the same level to make it seem like the pavement continues across the junction. This reinforces pedestrian priority and marks the boundary to a more residential area. Continuous pavements have been successfully implemented in several London Boroughs and have shown to have a very good safety record. They also help to reinforce to drivers that they are entering a quiet or low traffic area and improve mobility by allowing continuous movement without having to navigate up and down kerbs.

    How can I find more information about the works?

    For more information about the consultation, email us at: towerhamlets.consultation@projectcentre.co.uk or phone us on 0203 092 0401.

    What is a segregated cycle lane?

    A segregated cycle lane has a physical barrier separating users from general traffic. It is usually recommended for main roads that carry high volumes of traffic to provide a high level of protection for cyclists.

    What is streetspace?

    Transport for London's Streetspace plan aims to create more space on streets so people can walk or cycle while social distancing. 

    What are advanced stop lines?

    Advanced stop lines are road markings for cyclists at traffic lights, which are marked beyond the stop line for motorists, designed to help cyclists pull away in front of general traffic.