11 July → 11 August 2021

Early Engagement

We will deliver a series of on street pop ups to speak with residents and passers-by in Poplar High Street and ask them how they feel about the street. We will also run an audit of the street with local disability groups to understand accessibility issues from the point of view of disabled people.

06 September → 04 October 2021

Public Consultation

The formal consultation process will be in September. At this stage you will be able to fill in a survey providing feedback on a series of design options for the area, which will be based on all the engagement up to that point. We will also deliver a co-design workshop, to gather views on solutions based on all the feedback gathered so far.

October → December 2021


The timing for the implementation of the designs will depend on the solutions being proposed, as some of them may take longer to design and build than others.