What is the Market Improvements Plan?

    The Markets Improvement Plan will cover the borough’s market operations and help inform their future management with an individual action plan for each market. Alongside this there is an expanded focus on Whitechapel Market to support the Whitechapel Road Improvement Project (WRIP). The strategy will run from 2022 to 2027 approximately.

    Why is the Council consulting on the Draft Markets Improvement Plan?

    The Council has a duty to consult on the strategy and will publish the Draft Markets Improvement Plan 2022 - 2027 autumn 2021, with a view to receive comments and feedback from businesses, residents and traders and community groups, before it is agreed early 2022.

    We would like to hear your views about how we can improve market services. We also want to hear about your market experiences, whether positive or negative. Whether you are a resident, customer, business, market trader or community group we would like you to share your ideas as we value your input.

    Why has Council launched the project now?

    Tower Hamlets includes some of the most iconic and internationally renowned markets in London, but demographic changes, new developments, COVID-19, the rise of online shopping, and shifting consumer trends have accelerated changes affecting the way people use them.

    How many markets are there in the Borough?

    There are 10 street markets in the Borough that the Council has direct responsibility to manage, Petticoat Lane, Sclater Street, Brick Lane, Columbia Road, Bethnal Green, Whitechapel Road, Watney Street, Roman Road and Chrisp Street.

    There is also 1 market that is operator-led that takes place within a Council park, Victoria Park, as well as numerous other privately run markets, including but not limited to Spitalfields and Truman Brewery.

    Can I get involved with Tower Hamlets Markets?

    Absolutely. We believe our Makets future is reliant upon local community support and involvement. There is a section in the survey for you to leave contact information if you would like to volunteer, trade or engage with our Markets.

    What is has been carried out so far?

    In summer 2021 the Council carried out a survey on its 10 street markets and received 700 responses from businesses, residents and traders. The results of the survey, plus other desk-based work have informed the Markets Improvement Plan.

    The Council carried out the survey to help create the borough’s first stand-alone Markets Strategy. We aim to create new opportunities for local residents, improve the customer experience and provide support for traders to grow their businesses.