Scheme 5 - 339 Bus route

We want to ensure that the 339 bus journeys are efficient and to make walking the easiest way to get around Shadwell and Tower Hamlets.

Bus route improvements

We are proposing changes to Martha Street, Watney Street, and Tarling Street to improve the 339 bus route. We propose to remove pinch points where oncoming buses and traffic get blocked, delay each other and get frustrated.

Martha Street will become no entry from Watney Street (except for cyclists) and the northernmost section of Watney Street into Tarling Street will become one way northbound, for motor vehicles. Sutton Street will remain two-way.

To reduce noise and congestion at the bus stop on Martha Street we are proposing to remove two loading/parking bays on the north side of the road.

Moving the bus stop on Martha Street 5 metres east will improve visibility for pedestrians.

Walking Improvements

A zebra crossing is being proposed outside of St Mary and St Michael Catholic Primary School to help improve safe access for staff, children and families travelling to school.

Plan of the proposed improvement to the 339 bus route

Read more about the other proposals on our main page, and have your say by filling in the survey before 11:59pm on Sunday 5 September 2021.

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