Scheme 3 - Enhancing the neighbourhood

We know there are limited trees, plants and green spaces in the area and there are locations where the public space can be improved. An important part of improving the area for walking and cycling is the look and feel of the neighbourhood to create a better and safer environment for the community to enjoy.

Street Lighting

We will assess and improve the lighting in the following locations:

  • Underneath the railway arches on Devenport Street and Sutton Street
  • On the path next to the DLR station between Watney Street and Sutton Street
  • Watney Market
  • Dellow Street


Our proposals aim to improve accessibility for all that travel, walk and cycle around Shadwell. We are proposing blended crossings (i.e. a continuous pavements at quiet side roads, which give priority to pedestrians) and street furniture removal (e.g. posts and bollards) along:

  • Cable Street
  • Bigland Street
  • Sutton Street
  • Watney Street

Pavement widening is also proposed on:

  • Devonport Street
  • Deancross Street
  • Pitsea Street

Traffic calming

Speed humps and raised tables are proposed on key roads in Shadwell to reduce vehicle speeds. Also, numerous raised tables are proposed, particularly at side roads to keep vehicle speeds low and make it easier for pedestrians to cross. These will improve road safety for people walking or cycling. These improvements are proposed on:

  • Cable Street
  • Devonport Street
  • Brodlove Street
  • Pitsea Street
  • Sutton Street
  • Chapman Street
  • Martha Street
  • Watney Street
  • Caroline Street

A banned right turn is also proposed from Rampart Street onto Commercial Road. This aims to prevent non-local traffic using Rampart Street to avoid the traffic lights at the Cannon Street Road/Commercial Road junction.


Our proposals aim to create a more attractive environment for those walking and cycling by providing more planting in the neighbourhood. These improvements are proposed on:

  • Cable Street, near Stepney Causeway
  • The Highway, near King David Lane

Cycle Stands

Cycle stands have been proposed near the Idea Store and on Watney Street.

Cannon Street Road

We propose to improve the walking experience on Cannon Street Road by doing the following:

  • Street decluttering, to allow more room for pedestrians to walk along the pavement.
  • Pavement resurfacing
  • Removing unessential driveways, to make a level pavement surface
  • Blended crossings, designed to maintain pavement level to improve accessibility and slow down vehicles when entering or exiting a road

In addition to this we also are proposing:

  • Planting, to improve the area for those cycling and walking
  • Cycle stands

Cable Street Studios

The eastern end of Cable Street near the Cable Street Studios offers space that could be better utilised by improving the public space since the banned right turn was introduced in 2020. This can be achieved by relocating the existing parking to Cable Street to provide planting, opportunities for seating outside of businesses and relocating cycle stands to improve their visibility.

Read more about the other proposals on our main page, and have your say by filling in the survey before 11:59pm on Sunday 5 September 2021.

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