Scheme 3 - School Streets

As part of our ongoing commitment to reduce emissions around schools, we are proposing to introduce new School Streets and School Street initiatives in the Brick Lane area.

School Streets

School Streets enable streets to be closed to motor vehicles either permanently or during mornings and afternoons on school days to allow children, parents and staff to arrive and leave the schools in a safe and healthy environment whilst encouraging more active travel.

It is proposed that roads outside these schools will be closed to motor vehicles between 8.15am to 9.15am in the morning and 3pm to 4pm in the afternoon.

School Streets are being proposed at the following locations:

  • Buxton Street, between Deal Street and Vallance Road
  • Deal Street, between Woodseer Street and Buxton Street
  • Underwood Road
  • Hunton Street

Why do we need School Streets?

To improve road safety - Unfortunately, children are some of the most vulnerable road users. As part of the School Street we look at the design of the roads and pavements to make it as safe as possible for children on the way to and from school.

To protect children from pollution - Harmful air pollution affects the health and well-being of children. Children’s lung capacity can be reduced by breathing toxic air which can affect all organs in their body and their long term health. Find out more at

To encourage active travel - Busy roads can make it feel unsafe to walk and cycle. We can widen pavements, introduce crossings and calm traffic to allow more children to safely walk, scoot and cycle. Where possible, schools can provide space for storing bikes and scooters safely. Find out more at

How will the school street work?

The School Street will be enforced by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras and vehicles entering not exempt, will automatically be issued a penalty charge notice.

  • Access for residents & businesses of those streets, school staff, blue badge users and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) children will be allowed if the vehicle is registered for an exemption. This can be requested free of charge by complementing the online form online, please visit:
  • All other vehicles not registered for exemption will not be permitted to enter the School Street during operational hours between 8.15am-9.15am and 3pm-4pm on school days.
  • All vehicles parked within the School Streets will be permitted to leave the area at all times.

School Streets initiatives

School initiatives create a more attractive environment for children on their way to and from school.

We are proposing:

  • Planters outside Osmani Primary School on Vallance Road.
  • Planters and community area outside Thomas Buxton Primary School on Selby Street. This will require the loss of an existing loading bay and solo motorcycles bay.

If the proposals are approved, school workshops will be arranged. The design will be developed through workshops to create a design that understands children’s journeys to and from school, air quality impact, health and well-being improvements.

If you would like further information on Tower Hamlets School Streets initiatives, please visit:

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