Scheme 7 School Streets

As part of our ongoing commitment to reduce emissions around schools, we are proposing to introduce School Streets in the area. This would enable streets to be closed to motor vehicles in the morning and afternoon of each school day to allow children, parents, and staff to get to and from school via walking, cycling or scooting in a safe, healthy environment.

School Streets

Roads outside schools will be closed to motor vehicles between 08:15am to 09:15am in the morning and 3:00pm to 4:00pm in the afternoon. This will enable children and parents to arrive and leave the schools safely and encourage more active travel.

Enforcement of school street restrictions will be done via Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras with all residents living on roads closed at school times eligible to apply for exemptions.

School Street Schools

  • At Chisenhale Primary School, pedestrian and cycle zones on Vivian Road, Zealand Road and Chisenhale Road are proposed. Wider pavements and planting outside the school gate on Chisenhale Road, where existing yellow zig zag markings lie, are also included in the proposals.
  • At Olga Primary School, pedestrian and cycle zones are proposed on Lanfranc Road and Conyer Street, with better lighting also under investigation on the walkway between Olga Street to Arbery Road.
  • At Old Ford Primary School, pedestrian and cycle zones are proposed on Allen Road and a section of Wright’s Road to remove cars from outside the school gate and prevent resident carparks from being used at pick-up and drop-off. Timed pedestrian hours are also proposed for the Wright’s Road cul-de-sac off St Stephen’s Road, along with streetscape improvements and student-led designs for a colourful paving upgrade. These proposals create a playful, positive space.
  • As part of Tower Hamlets School Streets programme outside Malmesbury Primary School, Coborn Street will be made a pedestrian and cycle zone between 8.15am to 9.15am and 3.00pm to 4.00pm on school days. New cycle parking and planted areas are also proposed.

Example of existing student-led School Street design in Tower Hamlets

To increase safety for children, staff and families at Central Foundation Girls School and Sixth Form proposals on Harley Grove were re-consulted in 2019. A decision will be released later this year.

To see all the proposed School Streets in the area, please see the overview plan.

Malmesbury School Street Plan - School Street pedestrian and cycle only zone along Coborn Street (except residents, businesses and school staff permit holders) - Parking bays on Coborn Street prohibited during school street operation hours. - New trees and planting outside of Malmesbury Primary School - Green roof cycle shelter outside of Malmesbury Primary School

Malmesbury Primary School Street Plan

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