Scheme 5 Bow Walking Routes

Accessibility Improvements

We want to make walking one of the best ways to get around Bow.

Several roads are well-used walking routes but currently lack the features to make walking safe and accessible for all.

To fix this, we propose the introduction of appropriate dropped kerbs, safe crossing points and pavements wide enough for exploring the neighbourhoods easily.

A safe and convenient walking route, connecting public transport links south of the Roman Road Town Centre and north towards Victoria Park is a priority. To support a reduction in air pollution we want to encourage people to walk, rather than using their cars.

The Scheme 5 proposal details:

  • Continuous crossings at all side-road junctions on St Stephen’s Road and Coborn Road to give visual priority to pedestrians.
  • Decluttered pavements wide enough for buggies and wheelchairs where possible and dropped kerbs in all appropriate locations on Coborn Road, Tredegar Square, Morgan Road, Medway Road, Addington Road and Vernon Road.
  • Improvements to the area around Tom Thumb’s Arch. Better lighting, new public art and a safer crossing area. If proposals are carried forward, there will be further local involvement on the new public artwork.
  • A new zebra crossing is proposed on Malmesbury Road and a raised table at the Mostyn Grove, Ordell Road and Morville Street junction.
  • Wayfinding upgrades to separate cycle and pedestrian routes on Lawrence Close and improvements to lighting and the planted area.
  • Decluttering the pavements on Tredegar Road by removing the pedestrian guardrails.
  • It is also proposed to slightly reposition the crossing at the junction with St Stephen’s Road to improve visibility of pedestrians and make the crossing safer.
  • A new raised table on Tredegar Road near the junction with Coborn Road will make crossing easier and will slow down vehicles.
  • We are also working with Old Ford Housing Association to improve the walking route along McCullum Road into Wright’s Road.

Example of an existing continuous crossingSt Stephen’s Road improvements plan - Continuous pavements along side streets from St Stephen’s RoadSt Stephen's Road Plan

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