Scheme 3 Old Ford Road

Walking and Cycling Improvements

Old Ford Road forms one of the busiest through-traffic routes in Bow. Over 16,000 vehicles use this residential road each day, with more than 55% of vehicles using it as a cut-through by drivers who don’t stop locally. Skew Bridge is temporarily closed in relation to social distancing due to Coronavirus. However residents have suggested closing Skew Bridge permanently to motor vehicles to improve road safety, air quality, and reduce noise pollution. By reducing traffic volume on Old Ford Road, we can create a cycle and pedestrian friendly environment as a safe alternative to Victoria Park, particularly when the park is closed. This will also link Victoria Park with the nearby shops which improve Bow.

Additional Parking

We are proposing additional resident bays on the either side of Skew Bridge.

St Stephen’s Road Junction

We propose to convert the roundabout at junction of St Stephen’s Road/Old Ford Road to a T-Junction to increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Three new short stay parking spaces and cycle stands are proposed outside the shops east of St Stephen’s junction.

Skew Bridge, Old Ford Road Visualisation

Parnell Road Junction

We also want to improve cycle safety at the junction of Old Ford Road and Parnell Road, to provide a safe route to and from the cycle bridge over the A12.

Parnell Road and Old Ford Road Junction Plan - Dropped kerb for cyclists back to carriageway on Old Ford Road - New parallel crossings for cyclists at junctionParnell Road/Old Ford Road Junction Plan

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