Scheme 2 Roman Road East

The Scheme 2 proposal focuses on transforming the town centre, the heart of Bow, and aims to establish a pedestrian friendly space, attracting more visitors to the area.

Traffic Changes

We want to create an environment that attracts more people and makes it more pleasant for the thousands of pedestrians walking along Roman Road every day. By extending the existing timed pedestrian hours from the three to seven days and investing in the public space, we hope to achieve this goal.

We propose to increase the pedestrian hours to 10am to 4.30pm, seven days a week.

Further details:

  • Licensed market pitch locations remain as usual and will not be impacted
  • Loading for businesses remains the same outside of pedestrian hours
  • The impact on resident parking is minimised as permit holders can still park on the street outside pedestrian hours.

Artist's Impression of Roman Road proposals

Public Space

After removing the day time traffic, we propose investing heavily in this area by widening pavements, tree planting, and creating a new public space, where people can stop, rest and spend time. By doing this the town centre becomes even more of a local ‘destination’ and supports the local economy to thrive.

If proposals are carried forward, further local engagement on public spaces will be carried out with businesses, market traders and local residents.

Roman Road Plan between Parnell Road and St Stephen’s Road - New cycle stands and trees along Roman Road - Two parking spaces replaced with parklet with planting and seating - Continuous crossings at all side road junctions off Roman RoadRoman Road between Parnell Road and St Stephen's Road Plan

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