Scheme 1 Roman Road Junction

You told us the junction of Roman Road and St Stephen’s Road is noisy, polluted and congested. Survey results also showed Roman Road is used by drivers who are cutting through Bow; they are not stopping and spending time in the area.

Pedestrian Improvements

Did you know pedestrians cross over the Roman Road/St Stephen’s Road junction over 5,600 times every day? Most of those journeys are heading to and from the market section of Roman Road. On market days this number grows to over 10,000! We want to create a safer and more pleasant environment for pedestrians crossing at the St Stephen’s Road/Roman Road junction. We can transform the public space around the junction by widening pavements, planting trees, removing cluttered guardrails, providing more cycle parking, seating and creating more waiting space at bus stops.

Bus Gateway

To create a better junction and help prevent vehicles travelling through your neighbourhood each day, we are proposing a bus gateway on Roman Road between Ford Road and St Stephen’s Road. This means only buses and cyclists will be allowed to travel through this part of the road. Preventing other vehicles also reduces additional noise, road danger and anti-social behaviour, making your streets feel safer for walking and cycling.

We are consulting on different options for how this bus gateway could operate:

  • 24 hours a day, Monday to Sunday
  • Between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Friday
  • From 7am to 10am, and 2.30pm to 7pm, Monday to Friday

Roman Road Car Park

To further enhance the public space, an upgrade to the layout of the Roman Road carpark is also proposed. The new layout reduces the total capacity by 7 spaces. An assessment of use, shows even at the busiest times only 49% of the car park spaces are used. We think this space could be better used to enhance the town centre environment.

Roman Road and St Stephen’s Junction Plan - Reduce number of spaces in Roman Road car park - New continuous crossings at Ford Road - Proposed cycle stands at junctionRoman Road and St Stephen's Road Junction Plan

Roman Road - West Section

The aim for Roman Road, between St Stephen’s Road and Grove Road, is to enhance the streetscape outside of shops even further and ensure an accessible route throughout the area. Proposals for this section of the road include:

  • A raised continuous pavement at Ford Road and the estate entrances
  • Removing 8 out of 16 loading bays and converting them to short stay/residential parking and parklets
  • Ensuring dropped kerbs in all appropriate locations

Additional Road Closure

A closure is also proposed on Thoydon Road, west of Strahan Road to prevent cut-through traffic avoiding the traffic signals.

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