What is the status of this document?

    The High Density Living SPD is a material consideration to help determine planning applications for high density residential and mixed-use development.  This means that, in addition to satisfying the requirements of national, regional and local planning policies, development proposals also need to demonstrate how the guidance in this SPD has been taken into account.   However, it can be used by anyone who is interested in understanding how the design can be used to ensure that high density development contributes to a high quality of life.

    Where do the design guidelines apply?

    The guidance will be applied across Tower Hamlets. It is relevant to residential and mixed use development that exceeds 1,100 habitable rooms per hectare or includes a tall building. A tall building is defined as any building that is significantly taller than its local context and/or has a significant impact on the skyline. In the borough, this includes buildings of more than 30 metres, or those which are more than twice the prevailing height of surrounding buildings (whichever is less). ­

    However, many of the design principles included are relevant to all flatted residential development, where communal entrances, spaces and facilities are shared by residents.

    How was the document developed?

    The guidelines were developed in collaboration with residents, council services, Members, developers, architects, landscape architects, officers and experts in a range of fields.  This engagement supported the development of the guidance by helping the council to understand the lived experiences of the people who live and work in and around high density development, as well as those who design, deliver and manage it.

    The guidelines have also been developed by looking in detail at examples of high density development from London and internationally, to understand how successful high density development can be designed and delivered.  Some of these examples have been used to illustrate the guidelines in this document. 

    A summary of the survey process and findings can be found in the list of documents available for download. 

    What will happen at the consultation events?

    The consultation events will be based in three areas; East (Aldgate), West (Bow) and South (Isle of Dogs).  These are areas that currently feature high density development and that are expected to see further high density growth in the future.  The case studies that informed that guidance are also based in these three areas.

    The exhibitions will exhibit material, including photographs and videos, gathered through interviews and conversations with residents to show the lived experiences in high density environments.  This will be presented alongside exhibition panels illustrating the content of the SPD.

    At the events, council officers will be present to discuss the project and any questions you may have. 

    What will happen following consultation?

    Following the consultation, all comments and information received will be carefully analysed and a consultation outcome report will be prepared.  The report will summarise the comments made, and set out the council’s response to them, including how they have been taken into account in the final guidance.

    The final guidance, incorporating any necessary changes will be presented with the consultation report and other supporting information to Cabinet for adoption in late 2020.