Shiraz Bayjoo

Option 1: Ceramic collage with archival images from Stepney library archive focusing on protest movements in-situ

Option 3:
Ceramic collage with archival images from Stepney library archive

Shiraz Bayjoo proposes a large photographic, ceramic collage of archival material that combines the history of Tower Hamlets with the contemporary character of residents today.

Bayjoo proposes collaborating with residents to source images that reflect the religious, cultural and symbolic identity of residents today as well as the history of the area. This history could include, but is not limited to, the London docks and the textile industry, trade unionism, the welfare state, women’s vote and the area’s famous resilience during the Second World War bombings. The final artwork will include images, symbols and text. Research material will be sourced from local archives including Stepney Library.

The final artwork will be bright and vibrant, reminiscent of South Asian cinema posters, and it will be made of ceramic tiles, referencing late Victorian ceramic murals local to the area.

View artist video here

About Shiraz Bayjoo:

Shiraz Bayjoo is a Mauritian artist living in London. His work considers ideas of nationhood and identities, often tracing histories of people and places through archival sources – including maps, images, and texts. He creates painting, photographs, installations as well as public artworks and collaborative projects.

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