Rana Begum

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Colourful sprayed wall-painting that reflects the light

Elevation drawing of the colourful sprayed wall-painting that reflects the light

Rana Begum proposes a full-coverage wall painting with a sprayed pattern she describes as ‘an explosion of colour, culture and energy.’

The bold colours and flurry of sprayed marks represent the vibrancy and activity in the area. The painting is intended to be an energetic and exciting reference to the regenerated market, infusing the area with a sense of positivity, light and joy.

Begum proposes using many layers of vibrant and pastel colours to create a sense of depth and movement. The circular forms will appear to hover back and forth on the surface of the wall. Begum also proposes using metallic elements in the paint, creating a shiny and iridescent effect. Light will reflect off the surface of the painting, creating different visual effects at different times of day.

View artist video here

About Rana Begum:

Rana Begum. Photo by Anne Purkiss

Rana Begum was born in Bangladesh and lives and works in London. Her work moves between painting, sculpture and architecture, and investigates the interplay of colour, light and geometry. Begum’s works absorb and reflect varied densities of light to produce an experience for the viewer that is both temporal and sensorial. Her visual language draws from the urban landscape as well as geometric patterns from Islamic art and architecture.

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