Planting strategy

The planting strategy is part of wider ambitions to provide Globe Town with a ‘green corridor’ and will enhance green links between local green routes.Tree pit detail: mature, semi mature and fruit trees with sustainable drainage systems (SuDs)

The proposed planting scheme responds to the ambitions of local community groups and is composed of 4 types of planted areas that spreads across the square at different scales, and will improve the local biodiversity:

  • 5 mature trees
  • Woodland area, including 6 semi mature trees
  • Mini orchard, including 4 native dwarf fruit trees
  • 4 mobile planters [1.5 x 1.5m minimum] Medicinal, edible, and bee-friendly plants, will attract different types of insects and bees. Attracting pollinators will be important for maintaining the fruit trees in the area, and will provide a useful tool for teaching and workshops. Easily movable, different types of planting could be tested on different locations on the square.

Bin store for market traders located on the flank wall of Clynes House with green roof (the proposed large scale artwork will be located above the green roof)

Proposed tree schedule

Proposed planting schedule

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