What is the Code of Construction Practice (CoCP)?

    The Code of Construction Practice (CoCP) is a guidance document produced by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. It sets out current legislation, policy, guidance and best practice relating to construction and demolition projects in the borough.

    Why does the CoCP need updating?

    The previous version of the CoCP was last edited in 2006. In the intervening years legislation has improved and new operational methodologies and mitigation approaches have emerged around construction work. Tower Hamlets continues to experience increasing development activity. The updates will ensure that the Council are advocating the use of up-to-date work methodologies to effectively minimise impacts on surrounding communities.

    What is the legal status of the CoCP?

    The CoCP is a guidance document only. It is not legislation, nor is it local planning policy. Notwithstanding this, the Council expects adherence to the standards set out in this CoCP as a minimum, regardless of future legislative and policy/guidance changes. The Council will at all times seek to implement the highest standards of control and mitigation for development projects, unless material considerations dictate otherwise.

    How will the CoCP be applied once adopted?

    In order to minimise disruption for residents and businesses alike, the expectation is that all demolition and construction sites within the borough, regardless of their site categorisation (scope), meet or exceed the good practice set out in this CoCP


    What is the purpose of the consultation?

    The Council is interested to hear from residents, businesses, developers and contractors on whether, from your experience of the impacts and operational aspects of development, there are parts of the CoCP that need strengthening or require further clarification. 

    How will a guidance document help with addressing the negative impacts of construction on communities?

    Many of the development activities involved and listed in this document can disturb and disrupt residents, businesses, service users and visitors within the surrounding area. In order to guide Developers and their Contractors to minimise disturbances, Tower Hamlets Council has prepared this Code of Construction Practice (CoCP) detailing the minimum standards to which sites are to be maintained and operated.

    This Code of Construction Practice will be attached to relevant planning approvals and building control applications and will also be made permanently available on the Council website. Adherence to this CoCP by Developers and Contractors will demonstrate a positive attitude and commitment towards minimising environmental impacts and will be used as one of the main methods of assessment for the forthcoming Tower Hamlets Construction Awards Scheme.