Why are you proposing these changes in the Cavell Street area?

    The council is developing ideas to help make the environment around the Cavell Street area more attractive and pleasant for everyone to use. People in the community have asked the council to come up with ideas as to how this can be done. The plans we are proposing will reduce traffic in some streets helping to reduce vehicle emissions and reduce traffic noise.

    Why are one-way systems being proposed on these streets?

    The one-way systems being proposed are to limit rat-running and reduce conflicts between vehicles. Residents will still be able to access their properties.  

    We have proposed one-way streets on Nelson Street and Varden Street as local community members have raised issues with rat-running and heavy traffic.

    What about emergency vehicles?

    The proposals will allow for full emergency vehicle access, and we will continue to work closely with emergency services to develop designs.

    What is a speed table?

    A speed table is a raised section of the road with a ramp on each side and white arrows, to make it more obvious to motorists that they need to slow down. 

    They reduce vehicle speeds and make it safer for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users to cross the road.

    What is a rain garden?

    A rain garden is a garden area with plants, shrubs and flowers designed to temporarily hold and soak in rainwater runoff.

    New greenery and rain gardens help with surface water drainage, create nicer public spaces and a more pleasant environment for the community.

    What is tactile paving?

    Tactile paving is textured paving, usually on a raised surface, that can be detected by users who are visually impaired.

    How can I find more information about the works?

    For more information about the consultation, email us at: towerhamlets.consultation@projectcentre.co.uk or phone us on 0203 092 0401.