What is being proposed?

    This project aims to improve the safety and the street environment of Poplar High Street, to reduce traffic danger and congestion while making it a more pleasant place to live, work and visit. We want to hear how you feel about the street environment, traffic danger and air pollution along Poplar High Street.

    Who is delivering this project?

    The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is delivering this project in partnership with Sustrans, the national charity for walking and cycling.

    Where does the funding come from?

    The funding comes from Transport for London’s Streetspace, and Tower Hamlets Council funding.

    Why does the project focus on traffic?

    Poplar High Street has four different bus routes that travel along it, as well as Cycle Superhighway 3. This cycle route links east London to Central, with over 2.4 million people using it last year. Poplar High Street is surrounded by many main roads, all carrying huge volumes of traffic. During the morning and evening rush hour, over 500 vehicles every hour use Poplar High Street as a short cut between the A13 and Cotton Street. This traffic impacts on air quality, road safety and public transport.

    The high level of traffic is all detrimental to road safety for walking and cycling. It makes it difficult to cross the road for pedestrians and cyclists can also feel unsafe. The traffic levels exceed recommended guidelines for the volume of cyclists that use Poplar High Street.

    Why does the project focus on air pollution?

    Transport accounts for nearly 40% of Carbon Dioxide emissions and 50% of Nitrogen Oxide emissions in the borough. As a result of poor air quality, children in Tower Hamlets typically have 10% less lung capacity than the national average.

    Poplar High Street has been designated an Air Quality Focus Area because it is a location that exceeds the yearly average of nitrogen dioxide levels which means there is high human exposure to toxic air pollution.

    Every day the staff and students experience levels of Nitrogen Dioxide higher than the legal limit for schools and nurseries.

    The traffic levels also create significant delays to the buses services that use Poplar High Street.

    How can I share my views?

    You can get involved by answering the questions on this board, or going to the website to fill in our initial survey: https://talk.towerhamlets.gov.uk/poplar-high-street-improvements


    আমাদের ওয়েবসাইটে গিয়ে এবং আমাদের সমীক্ষাটি পূরণ করে আপনার মতামত জানান: https://talk.towerhamlets.gov.uk/poplar-high-street-improvements


    We will hold a series of on street pop ups to speak with residents and passers-by to ask them how they feel about the street.

    We will also run an audit of the street with local disability groups to understand accessibility issues from their point of view. 

    After this there will be a formal consultation process. At this stage you will be able to fill in a survey providing feedback on a series of design options for the area, which will be based on all the engagement up to that point. 

    We will also be holding a co-design workshop, to gather views on solutions based on all the feedback so far.