Why does the project focus on traffic?

    Poplar High Street has four different bus routes that travel along it, as well as Cycle Superhighway 3. This cycle route links east London to Central, with over 2.4 million people using it last year. Poplar High Street is surrounded by many main roads, all carrying huge volumes of traffic. During the morning and evening rush hour, over 500 vehicles every hour use Poplar High Street as a short cut between the A13 and Cotton Street. This traffic impacts on air quality, road safety and public transport.

    The high level of traffic is all detrimental to road safety for walking and cycling. It makes it difficult to cross the road for pedestrians and cyclists can also feel unsafe. The traffic levels exceed recommended guidelines for the volume of cyclists that use Poplar High Street.

    Where does the funding come from?

    The funding comes from Transport for London’s Streetspace, and Tower Hamlets Council funding.

    What has been happening?

    In July this year a letter was sent to all local addresses to announce that this project is live, with a link to the project website and survey. Engagement boards were installed and a film was produced in English and Bengali, with footage of local people sharing their views of the area. There has been in-person engagement across the area, with all local businesses consulted, flyers handed out across the area, and targeted engagement with local schools and the Shahjalal Mosque Poplar. 


    Disability campaigners have also worked closely on this project to understand how accessible the street currently is, and what can be done to improve this. 

    How can I share my views?

    You can get involved by answering the questions on this board, or going to the website to fill in our initial survey: https://talk.towerhamlets.gov.uk/poplar-high-street-improvements/survey_tools/healthy-poplar-high-street-consultation-survey 

    আমাদের ওয়েবসাইটে গিয়ে এবং আমাদের সমীক্ষাটি পূরণ করে আপনার মতামত জানান: https://talk.towerhamlets.gov.uk/poplar-high-street-improvements/survey_tools/healthy-poplar-high-street-consultation-survey 


    We will also be sending out surveys to all residents in the area.

    What is a bus gate?

    A 'Bus Gate' is a section of road that allows only buses, cycles and emergency vehicles to go through, as shown by appropriate signage. Bus gates can be permanent or timed, which means they are only in place at peak times, for a limited period of time in the morning or afternoon.