Scheme 1 - Enhancing the Neighbourhood

A big part of this project is to improve the look and feel of the neighbourhood to create a better and safer environment for the community to enjoy. We are proposing both environmental and traffic management improvements.


Our proposals aim to create a more attractive environment for those walking and cycling:

  • Create a planting area at the junction of Hanbury Street and Old Montague Street.
  • Install plants and flowers on Brick Lane including outside Brick Lane Mosque.
  • Additional planting in the parklets proposed at the junction of Hanbury Street and Brick Lane.
  • Additional planting where possible within the scheme.


We are proposing two new parklets (a small seating area with green space and planting on the pavement) in the surroundings within the Brick Lane and Hanbury Street junction. The parklets will require the relocation of one parking space which will be moved to surrounding roads. Details of the parking relocation will be found on the online parking map (


  • Brick Lane is an iconic and historic area with a large footfall of local community and attracting visitors worldwide. Our proposals aim to improve the accessibility for all those that travel, walk and cycle to Brick Lane. These include:
  • Relocating motorcycle parking on Brick Lane, at the south of Buxton Street, to enable pavement width for a pushchair or wheelchair.
  • Adding dropped kerbs to create safer crossings within the area.
  • At each timed closure point junction, surface treatment is proposed. This will be a coloured surface in contrast with the road surface so drivers are aware they are crossing/entering the timed section.
  • Creating new disabled parking spaces on the Chicksand Street, Fashion Street and Fournier Street.
  • Upgrade street lighting on Buxton Street, Underwood Road and Code Street to create a safer walking and cycling route.

Road safety improvements

Hanbury Street is a key walking and cycling route for the area. It provides an alternative to the main road and is used by the local community and visitors to get to Brick Lane and Commercial road. Currently over 500 cyclists use this every day and it will become an even busier route once the Crossrail station opens at Whitechapel. To improve the road safety along the route we are proposing the:

  • Relocation of all the parking on Hanbury Street, from Wilkes Street to Spital Street, to the northern side of the road.
  • Relocation of five parking spaces on Hanbury Street, between Greatorex Street and Deal Street.

There will be no overall parking loss through these changes as parking spaces will be relocated to the surrounding roads.

Traffic calming measures

Traffic counts show that many residential roads experience high levels of motor vehicle traffic every day. Residential streets like Deal Street currently have more than 4,100 vehicles using them every day. A high percentage of these are non-residents cutting through your area leading to noise, air pollution and road safety issues. We are proposing:

  • Southbound one-way section along Deal Street between Underwood Road and Woodseer Street.
  • Traffic calming features in Spital Street to make the road safer.

This would be to:

  • Reduce cut through traffic to improve air quality.
  • Reduce vehicle movement at the junction of Deal Street and Hanbury to improve road safety.

Safe cycle storage and parking

To help encourage more local residents to cycle we are proposing a number of improvements:

  • Safe and secure cycle hangars on Old Montague Street, Chicksand Street, Fashion Street, Hanbury Street and Woodseer Street.
  • New cycle stands on Osborn Street, Old Montague Street, Brick Lane, and Buxton Street.
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