What are the benefits of the programme?

      • A network of pedestrian-friendly, low traffic zones connected by formal crossing points, to make walking safer, easier and more accessible.
      • A more pleasant walking environment with improved pavements, planting trees and shrubs, improved lighting and public art, to improve the attractiveness of walking routes and reduce fear of crime.
      • A network of cycle-friendly, low traffic zones connected by formal crossing points, to make cycling safer, easier and more accessible.
      • Increase in cycle facilities, such as secure parking at public transport hubs and shopping areas, hangars in residential streets
      • Improved public realm in retail areas to attract visitors, such as greenery, street furniture, street lighting etc.
      • Provide new public seating, green spaces and tree planting to create a healthier environment.
      • Encouraging customers to spend more time, feeling safe and comfortable.
      • Wider pedestrian routes, allowing easier movement for shoppers of all ages and abilities.
      • Improved local streetscape with reduced noise and road danger.
      • Residents will be able to access better connected routes to the borough’s town centres and to neighbouring boroughs.
      • More opportunities to allow school streets, play streets and areas for community events.
      • Schemes will remove potential risks by calming traffic and providing quiet and/or segregated routes for active travel 
      • An increase in cycling and walking among residents will reduce demand on the local road network and public transport services, particularly at peak times.
      • Less traffic will reduce toxic emissions, improve air quality and road safety, and reduce noise pollution – creating a more pleasant environment for all.
      • Increase opportunities for physical activity.
      • More pleasant public spaces will make the borough more attractive to residents and visitors.

Bethnal Green Construction FAQs

    Will the works be noisy?

    Due to the very nature of the works, some of the work carried out will cause noise. However, the team on site have been briefed to keep any unnecessary noise like shouting or the banging of loud materials to a minimum so we do not disrupt our neighbours.

    What type of machinery will you be using?

    Some motorised machinery like excavators will be needed during the works, this may also include generators. However, the team are following Tower Hamlets guidelines on the equipment being used and where possible will use noise reduction measures around this equipment.

    What hours of the day will you be working?

    Our team will be working on site Monday – Friday between the hours of 08:00 -18:00.

    How can I access my home?

    Full access to homes will be maintained both during and after the works, this includes access via motor vehicle. However, you may need to change your route due to the road closure.

    Will I still be able to access local shops & businesses?

    Yes, and we actively encourage all residents to use local shops and facilities. One of the programme's aims is to encourage more residents to use local businesses.

    I need to take my children to school, how can I do this now?

    If you choose to drive your children to school, you will need to follow the new routes that will be clearly signposted. We believe now is an excellent opportunity to change the way we use our motor vehicles and are happy to encourage more walking and cycling to schools or work.

    I have deliveries to my house, how will they get through?

    Deliveries will need to use the new routes to your property, the new routes will be signposted on local roads.

    What about emergency vehicles?

    We have worked closely with emergency services and they will continue to have access to all properties in the area.

    What about bin/recycling collections, will they be disrupted?

    Refuse collection will continue as normal, as will street cleaning services.

    Doesn’t your work just push the problem elsewhere?

    We have worked with partners in neighbouring boroughs and Transport for London to try and reduce through traffic in largely residential roads. Our aim is to encourage more journeys to done by walking or cycling thus reducing the number of vehicles on our roads.

    What about social distancing rules, how can I be sure your team are following them?

    The welfare of both our staff on site and residents is our number one priority, we will adhering to all the guidelines on social distancing and will continue to monitor Government advice and make any necessary adjustments. For the latest guidelines, visit gov.uk/coronavirus

    Where can I find more information about the works?

    If you have any concerns about the works, please do not hesitate to contact the Liveable Streets team below.

    Email: liveablestreets@towerhamlets.gov.uk

    Call us: 0203 092 0401 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm)

    Further questions

    If you have any further questions about the programme, please feel free to contact us at: liveablestreets@towerhamlets.gov.uk.