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Leaside AAP Regulation 18 Nov 2021 - Feedback Survey


Additional work has been undertaken on the Leaside Area Action Plan (AAP) since the first Regulation 18 consultation was undertaken in April-May 2021. The Area Characterisation and Site Capacity Study has been updated, with a focus on the three housing-led  site allocations in the AAP area. Similar capacity work has been undertaken for the three employment-led site allocations. And policy text throughout the plan has been updated in response to comments received ruing the first consultation. This survey seeks your feedback on the results of this work and your comments on the current draft of the AAP.

On the Let’s Talk consultation web page you can download a Consultation Statement that summarises the comments received in the first consultation, and the Council’s response to them; and the draft AAP itself. Appendix A of the AAP also summarises the changes that have been made.

This survey has four pages (including this one). The next page will ask about the housing-led site allocations, page three about the employment-led site allocations, and page four will provide space for any other comments about the policies in the AAP. You do not need to answer all of the questions if you do not want to.

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